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Eugene: Bike Music Fest

by on May.09, 2010, under Arctic Circle Tour, Art, Music, Travel

So the vibe in town the last week has been crazy positive. Eugene is already incredibly friendly to cyclist, but this week is different. Yesterday (Saturday, May 8 ) dated the Bicycle Music Festival here in Eugene, where all the music was powered by bicycle power. The entire week has been a mad house of strange bicycles, working on and improvising said bicycles (including mine) and in general an enjoyable aura. Riding an ordinary already makes for happy onlookers, but when people actually have an interest in said oddities, it makes it even more grand. My spokes should get here early in the week, and then northbound I am. We’ll see how the cycle is standing up by the time I hit the border and go from there. I may need to make some provisions to the trip if I am still having spoke issues, but we are hoping to solve those problems this week before I leave. Below are some photos, as normal. Also per norm, if you wish to see more, or purchase prints, click “Photo Gallery“! Thank you.

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861712307 PqSAB L Eugene: Bike Music Fest

 Eugene: Bike Music Fest

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861712747 UfjLJ L Eugene: Bike Music Fest

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More videos of the trip

by on May.08, 2010, under Arctic Circle Tour, Music, Travel

Nothing special, but here are some random clips of my trip. The Ave of the Giants one is specifically long and boring, so sorry for that. I also apologize for the blandness of the videos, but I have little time on a proper computer for editing and other fun things, so they are straight from the camera (as are the pictures I post).

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A month, and counting

by on Mar.23, 2010, under Arctic Circle Tour, Art, Bicycles, Food, Life, Music, Travel

IMG 0350 A month, and counting

First it was May. Then it was early May or late April. Now, April 22 departure (with an April 17 “pre-departure” date – less than a month away). I’m attempting to get everything in order as quickly as possible, but sometimes things are out of our own grasp. My new spokes are being shipped out tomorrow by the wonderfully helpful Jim Spillane with Victory Cycles. Tomorrow’s task is finding some small, high strength spokes for the rear, and by the end of the week, I’m hopeful to have the machine rolling with essentially new wheels. After weeks of struggle, most of my ‘work’ came to fruition yesterday around 5am, allowing me to finally sleep like a normal person (and get some serious work done with the bike, planning and the likes – let’s hope the fixes in place stick).

With all the commotion of the trip, work and the cycle, it’s been very hard to just live life. It’s been hard to just take in the niceties of life and local fun. Above is an example of a good time killer with little taken away, but positive feeling taken from (it’s a crude video, but it was an excruciatingly refreshing trip to Conspire today). With less than a month before departing, I’m now trying to spend as much time as I can absorbing “home” (in any number of ways). I will be many months away from Arizona, and while I’m glad to once again miss the summer, there are many things here I will miss; family, friends, scene and others. It seems I’m living to avoid AZ summers lately. The last summer I spent in full here was 2007…at least I think.

IMG 0352 A month, and counting

I’ll post about my baggage project completion in the next day or so. It’s nice to have that finally behind me.

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