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Destination: San Francisco – LA first

by on Feb.18, 2011, under Food, Life, Travel

The beginning of Nathan and me traveling The West Coast in search of great coffee, beer and food (heavy emphasis on the first two!). PHX -> SF -> EUG -> PDX -> Castle Rock … and then back. Leaving before dawn, by the time we got to Los Angeles, it was time for a pick me up. What better way than world renowned Intelligentsia? None, that’s what better way. Stellar espresso. I wasn’t awed by the pour-over, but it wasn’t bad by any means (perhaps a bit light – he was doing two pours at once). Fun, modern art. Incredibly hip and good looking, well dressed people. Fun place.

Silver Lake Intelligentsia
3922 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
IMG 7897 Destination: San Francisco   LA first

IMG 7899 Destination: San Francisco   LA first

IMG 7903 Destination: San Francisco   LA first

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LA – Done!

by on Aug.21, 2009, under 42 ride

Assuming things would be as they were, I left at go time. The majority rode together, which would have been nice to do, but it was a hectic and confusing ride (with all kinds of weirdness on bike paths and such), so getting on the road was nice. Many people took the Metro in from Long Beach and got to avoid that headache; a very good idea. With Chris leaving later tonight, we took the chance to get started early with the night. A communal 3/4L of Bulleit and many beers later, not much was to be recalled. I took a ‘Super Shuttle’ to Anaheim to hang out with my friends that were in town. I ended up staying in Anaheim for the next few days.

IMG 6046 LA   Done!

IMG 6051 LA   Done!

IMG 6055 LA   Done!

IMG 6060 LA   Done!

IMG 6065 LA   Done!

IMG 6087 LA   Done!

IMG 6095 LA   Done!

IMG 6104 LA   Done!

IMG 6119 LA   Done!

IMG 6199 LA   Done!

IMG 6202 LA   Done!

IMG 6209 LA   Done!

IMG 6211 LA   Done!

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