Mixology Mixup – Friday’s Reoccurring Happy Hour

by on Aug.10, 2012, under Food, History, Life

It’s no secret that I love drinks. I love making drinks. I love drinking drinks. I love talking about drinks. I love the history of drinks. I love them served on cubes, crushed ice, up, in a chilled glass, from a carafe, from a pitcher, from a bottle. They needn’t be alcoholic for me to love them, but that is a good starting point! All around, it’s simple to say that I’m a drink nerd. So with that, I plan to start a weekly series, every Friday, to help kick off your weekend – Your Happy Hour!

I’ll be making classics, twists on classics, reinvented new drinks, personal favorites, and original recipes. It may be just a drink. It may be a process for making something pertaining to drinks. It may be something completely off the wall. Just look forward to some honest-to-goodness reading, seeing, and namely…drinking!

hh Mixology Mixup   Fridays Reoccurring Happy Hour

Cheers, friends.

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