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Words disappear into the atmosphere

2009 03 22 Blank

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img 0382 Japan

img 0503 Japan

Few trials in life really blow you away, or at least in my short time here on this planet. It’s easy to say travels to new places really have a great opportunity to do this…and certainly take advantage of the situation in my experience. Japan takes the cake. Each trip was breathtaking in its own humble way. A look back only begins to shed light. From crowded, bustling cities, to quaint, quiet towns. Credit cards to hand-written receipts. Flowers or skyscrapers. Rice paddies and concrete jungles. Volcanoes. Castles. Rivers. Gorges.

img 2039 Japan

img 2077 Japan

img 2131 Japan

img 2161 Japan

img 2186edit Japan

img 2282 Japan

What I’m getting at is the fact that Japan was really great.

img 2300 Japan

img 2335 Japan

img 2363 Japan

img 2628 Japan

img 2655 Japan

img 2696 Japan

img 2774 Japan

Sentiments distingues,

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Self-sustain, Self-powered

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Much in the same way I like to self-power myself distances, I like to self-sustain my life where ever possible. My hopes for at least a short tour for this summer are being pushed aside by many projects. This week I’ll get some pictures of The Eagle I picked up about a week ago. Most shocking was how long it took me to mount it for the first time. I had assumed with all the experience I have with ordinaries, it wouldn’t be a huge amount of effort; I was quite wrong. That said, I did master it the first time I set out to do so, and now it is less than a trouble. Mounting was the only issue I had. It really comes down to unlearning what you have in the past (much like learning to ride an ordinary for the first time – or perfect it in all ways).

IMG 8619 Self sustain, Self powered
Green onions

IMG 8621 Self sustain, Self powered
Cilantro & melons

IMG 8622 Self sustain, Self powered
Russian Mammoth Sunflower

IMG 8623 Self sustain, Self powered
Russian Mammoth & Snow-peas

IMG 8624 Self sustain, Self powered
Yukon Gold Potato

IMG 8628 Self sustain, Self powered
Onions & Gnome

IMG 8630 Self sustain, Self powered

IMG 8632 Self sustain, Self powered
Watermelon (I believe)

IMG 8638 Self sustain, Self powered
Russian Mammoth

IMG 8645 Self sustain, Self powered

IMG 8669 Self sustain, Self powered

IMG 8713 Self sustain, Self powered
Russian Mammoth

IMG 8716 Self sustain, Self powered
Last year’s Russian Mammoth (came in on its own)

IMG 8723 Self sustain, Self powered
Bell pepper

IMG 8724 Self sustain, Self powered
Cherry tomato

IMG 8727 Self sustain, Self powered
Russian Mammoth

IMG 8731 Self sustain, Self powered
Double Dandy Dwarf Red Sunflower

IMG 8735 Self sustain, Self powered
Meyer lemon

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Funny Little Town

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Eugene is a funny little city. Part of me loves it with all I can. The other part of me is left confused.

IMG 8026 Funny Little Town

IMG 7954 Funny Little Town

IMG 7952 Funny Little Town

IMG 7955 Funny Little Town

IMG 7958 Funny Little Town

IMG 7963 Funny Little Town

IMG 7966 Funny Little Town

IMG 7970 Funny Little Town

IMG 7972 Funny Little Town

IMG 7975 Funny Little Town

IMG 7978 Funny Little Town

IMG 7990 Funny Little Town

IMG 8013 Funny Little Town

IMG 8023 Funny Little Town

IMG 8025 Funny Little Town

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Harmonious Concordia

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When through the darkened night, a hub-lamp bright did gleam,
O’er the clash of rolling wheels, a clatter seem to scream;
As down the bank to home, the mighty lightning roar,
With black skies rolling from the reach, came rider number four

Concordia, KS hosted one of the final nights with Miss Penelope … a Last Ride. Granted it was months back, but the quaint town houses fond memories for me. It’s quite easy to forget a few photos or stories here or there, and then forget them for good.

IMG 1547 Harmonious Concordia

IMG 1554 Harmonious Concordia

IMG 1556 Harmonious Concordia

IMG 1562 Harmonious Concordia

IMG 1570 Harmonious Concordia

IMG 1573 Harmonious Concordia

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